• HP Storageworks SN6000 BK780A

HP Storageworks SN6000 BK780A

  • Brand: HP
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  • 1 x HP Storageworks BK780A 617222-001- 8GB 24 Port Fibre Channel FC Switch


The HP StorageWorks SN6000 Stackable 8Gb Fibre Channel switch is designed to make Enterprise SANs affordable and easy to use, especially as the network expands. Built with low-cost, high-performance scalability in mind, each SN6000 features 20 device ports supporting 8/4/2 Gbps speeds, plus 4 high-speed 10/20 Gbps stacking ports for linking SN6000 switches. Included Simple SAN Connection Manager (SSCM) software enables network management and storage provisioning from a single screen. Transparent Router functionality, standard in H-series switches (SN6000 and 8/20q), provides seamless, non-disruptive access to servers and storage on HP B-series and HP C-series SANs. Begin with 20 device ports for an affordable solution and add new switches for up to 120 usable device ports per stack (single manageable unit), or 500+ ports in multi-stack topologies. Included 10 Gbps stacking ports may be upgraded to 20 Gbps speed at any time, extending the solution lifespan while preserving current investments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Build a scalable SAN with less hardware and less complexity
  • The SN6000 single-power supply model can be ordered with 8 - 8 Gbps device ports enabled (BK780A) or 20 - 8
  • Gbps device ports enabled (AW575A)
  • Enable additional ports, on the BK780A , in 4-port increments with a license, for a maximum of 20 device ports
  • per switch
  • The SN6000 dual-power supply model (AW576A) can be ordered with 20 - 8 Gbps device ports enabled
  • Four (4) 10 Gbps/20 Gbps Stacking (ISL)Ports
  • 120 ports per stack, more in a multi-stack SAN
  • Hot-swappable dual power supply model - high-availability implementations
  • Fewer cables to manage
  • Affordable Performance
  • Industry leading ASIC technology: < 200ns>
  • 20 Gbps stacking port upgrade option
  • Adaptive Trunking included - Optimal ISL performance
  • 544 Gbps aggregate bandwidth per switch
  • Low-cost HP standard SFP/SFP+ optics (4 Gbps/8 Gbps)


  • All topologies supported: cascade, ring, and mesh
  • Available models
  • 8 device ports enabled + 4 stacking (ISL) ports (single-power supply model - BK780A)
  • Expand BK780A model to 20 ports in 4 port increments with a license
  • 20 device ports enabled + 4 stacking (ISL) ports: single-power supply model (AW575A) and
  • dual-power supply model (AW576A)
  • Supports stacks of two to six switches linked via 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps high-speed stacking ports
  • Supports up to 5 stacks linked via Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) for up to a 30 switch fabric and over
  • 500 device ports
  • 7 Hops
  • Adaptive Trunking, intelligent ISL path selection
  • The HP SN6000 Fibre Channel Switch scales to the maximum limits defined in the SAN Design
  • Guide: http://www.hp.com/go/sandesignguide
  • Cabinet Support 22U, 36U, and 42U; 5000, 9000 and 10,000 series StorageWorks Cabinets
  • Disk Array Support** HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 MSA
  • HP StorageWorks MSA2000fc and MSA2000fc G2
  • HP StorageWorks MSA1000 and MSA1500 (active/active failover only)
  • HP StorageWorks EVA4400, EVA6400, EVA8400
  • HP StorageWorks EVA4100, EVA6100, EVA8100
  • HP StorageWorks EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000
  • HP StorageWorks XP10000, XP20000, XP12000, XP24000*
  • * Simple SAN Connection Manager software does not support configuration or provisioning of XP and
  • hardware connect support to the switch/HBA only at this time.
  • **Refer to Spock (http://spock.corp.hp.com/index.aspx) for the most recent interoperability support

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